The Tipping Point

The day has come, the clock has ticked past the final second of my child being 1 year and two thirds of another year old and suddenly there is what appears to be a two year old child standing in front of me. It seems utterly impossible that she is so big, so whole and grown, and so not a baby! It also seems very sudden. It seems as if she became so heavy with non-baby like characteristics that suddenly her being had no choice but to turn into a 2 year old seemingly overnight. She has tipped the scales just far enough past the tipping point that all of her sassy two year oldness came tumbling out never to look back at babyhood again. It reminds me of that point in her labor where I thought to myself, there is no way I can complete this monumental task set before me! I suddenly realized, I can’t stop now, the baby is too far out to consider stopping yet far enough in that I think I might burst. It was then I knew that I had passed the tipping point and the moment was here, I was strong and fully giving myself to the birth forces at hand. I was about to meet my baby and feel one of the greatest reliefs of my life. I just had to make it through these tough few moments, and then I can enjoy the glory! I did make it through and I met my beautiful baby and felt one of greatest reliefs of my life. I also found myself with several new challenges. I found myself holding my beautiful new baby in a birth tub that was suddenly a little too deep with an umbilical cord a little on the short side while feeling like my legs were made of spaghetti.  Of course, this too will pass, but that is the way of the mother. I change with the ebb and flow of my life and my children’s lives and as I swell up to the top of the wave feeling strong, secure and knowing my place, I suddenly find myself amidst a new set of challenges that I have not yet considered.  As I sit here contemplating the amazingness of my baby turned big girl, I can’t help but wonder what new, amazing challenges await for me tomorrow.


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