Insurance Coverage

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield


Ebb & Flow Lactation Services is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, or any other Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, will be billed directly for clinical lactation services provided. Services may be provided both prenatally in preparation as well for breastfeeding visits for parent and newborn.  All you need to do is schedule an appointment and bring your insurance card!


We are also in network with Aetna. This includes plans by Meritain Health. Schedule your appointment using the online scheduler and upload a copy of your insurance card during that process


For those not covered by a plan in network with Ebb & Flow Lactation Services, LLC*

*If you are covered by Medicaid and would like to schedule an appointment, I offer reduced pricing. Please contact me directly at


You may pay for Lactation Services with a health spending account (HSA) or other discretionary spending account.  All clients will be provided with all necessary paperwork to apply for reimbursement with your insurance company.

Ebb & Flow Lactation Services will provide you with a superbill, a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance company, according to their policies, to request reimbursement for lactation services. It is your responsibility to initiate and follow up on this process. While it is your responsibility to handle this, I am absolutely supportive and will do anything I can to assist and guide you through the process. I have attempted to bill for claims after clients have been “approved” to see me specifically and in the end, the out of network insurance company still does not pay claim. Parents have more options when working their way through the correct protocol to successfully receive reimbursement. It is for these reasons full payment is due at the time of online booking and the client has the responsibility of seeking reimbursement from their Health Plan.

Often, new parents struggle to maintain the bandwidth to go through these steps. However, it is very important to impact change for the future. Demand for full coverage of lactation services by Health Plans is more impactful when it comes directly from families. Ohio Legislators and Insurance companies need to know the status quo is not sufficient and families deserve equitable access and availability of effective and insurance covered lactation services. Current Healthcare Law under the Affordable Care Act requires the majority of health plans to fully cover breast pumps, supplies and lactation counseling, as preventative services, without cost sharing, for the duration of breastfeeding. This is not what many families in Ohio are experiencing. This is the basis for which appeals should be made if your insurance company does any of the following:

a.) Denies your request for reimbursement

b.) The amount spent on lactation services is applied to your deductible in lieu of direct reimbursement.

c.) A copayment or coinsurance is applied and the reimbursement does not cover the out of pocket costs paid.

d.) Your insurance company refers you to a free support group rather than a clinical professional such as an IBCLC who possesses the training and clinical skills to provide effective lactation care.

e.) Your insurance company refers you to a provider lacking the skills and training thus unable to effectively meet your individual needs.

If you have questions, please email them to:

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