Spectra Single Breast Flange


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The Spectra Single Breast Shield is strategically constructed to provide efficient breast pumping sessions with maximum comfort. To obtain the proper suction during pumping, the Spectra Single Breast Shield funnel centers over your nipple to create a seal around the areola. The Spectra Single Breast Shield creates a vacuum to draw the nipple inside the funnel gently, to extract milk. Manufactured without BPA, the Spectra Single Breast Shield is easy to clean and safe for moms and babies. If you’re double pumping you’ll need two Spectra Single Breast Shields. The Single Breast Shield can be used as a replacement part or for moms needing an extra breast shield handy at home or in the office.


One (1) Spectra Single Breast Flange
If you are double pumping, you will require two
For use with the Spectra S1, S2, S3, and 9 Plus Breast Pumps. and is used for Spectra Wide Neck Bottles

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Models: 20mm MM012753-S, 32mm MM012326-S

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