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Comprehensive Lactation Visit, New Client (Office or Home Visit)

The Comprehensive Lactation Visit takes place in your home. It is compromised of:

  • A detailed history and assessment of mother and infant anatomy. This includes an oral assessment, weight and length measurements of the infant and an observation of a complete feeding both to evaluate technique and effectiveness of feeding. A measurement of milk transfer during breastfeeding using the Medela BabyWeigh scale will be taken, if indicated.
  • Breastfeeding issues will be identified and a written Plan of Care will be provided to improve and/or resolve these issues.
  • A complete report of the visit will be sent to your healthcare provider and any necessary referrals will be made as appropriate.
  • There is no charge for telephone, email or text message follow up during the two week period following the initial visit. However, it is requested to keep phone calls to 20 minutes and please schedule a second visit if a more complex issue is emerging.

Follow Up, Established Clients (Office Visit Only)

The follow up appointment is available for clients who have previously completed the Comprehensive Lactation Visit with Ebb & Flow Lactation Services. This appointment serves to answer simple breastfeeding issues and concerns, although a comprehensive visit may be required for complex newly emerging issues. Your baby will be weighed with the Medela BabyWeigh Scale.


Group Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

This class is offered monthly by Julie Gladney, BS, LPN, IBCLC, mother of five and owner of Ebb & Flow Lactation Services. Geared towards first time expectant parents looking to increase breastfeeding knowledge and confidence.


Prenatal Breastfeeding Preparation Series

The Prenatal Breastfeeding Series is a series of 3 classes during pregnancy designed to prepare for breastfeeding.

  • Class One: Group Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
  • Class Two: Breastfeeding Support Person Workshop
  • Class Three: One on One Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment with Julie Gladney, BS, LPN, IBCLC

Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment (Office Visit)

The Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment is comprised of:

  • A detailed prenatal breastfeeding readiness assessment. This includes a detailed health history and history of previous breastfeeding experience and/or difficulties with breastfeeding and breast exam if indicated.
  • One on one prenatal breastfeeding education focusing on normal infant behavior and what to expect in the immediate postpartum period. Instruction topics include skin to skin, latch and establishing milk supply.
  • Time to discuss your breastfeeding concerns. I will listen to your concerns regarding breastfeeding and develop with you a personalized breastfeeding plan of action to assist you in establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship. This is of particular importance if you have any health conditions that can affect the establishment of breastfeeding. Mothers who have experienced previous difficulties with breastfeeding find the breastfeeding plan of action to be an important and empowering tool to assist successful breastfeeding.


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