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I am so glad you made it here.

Take a deep breath; in through your nose

Hold that breath for a moment

Gently begin to exhale through your lips formed to a small opening

Slowly and gently blow out any stress you may be feeling

Blow it out and away

Be still

Relax your shoulders

Repeat another breath just like that

Each family is unique, with individual challenges, needs, wants and preferences. With Ebb & Flow Lactation, you can expect care that is compassionate, nonjudgemental and customized especially for you.

I provide in person, clinical, infant feeding support and guidance to families in Southeast Ohio and the Mid-Ohio Valley. This encompasses breastfeeding, supplementation, partial breastfeeding, pumping, exclusive pumping, bottle-feeding, recovering from tongue tie, re-lactation, tandem nursing, beginning solids, weaning and many specific topics in between.

YOUR goals are paramount. I aim to offer support, assessment, information and infant feeding/lactation care planning to support an informed decision making process by you. I make referrals and communicate with your care team. I am here for you.

Ebb & Flow Lactation Services, LLC
217 Columbus Rd Suite 103, Athens, OH 45701

Phone (740)306-0624
Fax (844)442-5114

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  • Julie is amazing! So knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible. I set up an appointment just after my daughter was born and she was able to help right away. I’ve recommended her to two other friends and they also had great experiences.

    Katie Hendrickson

  • Julie’s success stories speak for themselves. I’ve met countless women who have benefitted tremendously by Julie’s expertise and comfort. Many more have been helped through her wonderful presence on social media. I am just one of these women. At one point, my nipples were chapped and nearly bleeding. One visit from Julie turned things around. She’s amazing

    Regina Warfel Moeller

  • Julie saved my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful. Six days in and I was ready to quit. Julie listened when others just told me to stick it out and that the pain was normal. Turns out my daughter was tongue and lip tied. Fourteen months later, we are still breastfeeding. Thanks for listening and caring Julie!

    Leanne Bechter